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The video from RADECS-2015 is available now.

Photos from RADECS


We add some photos from the Conference.
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July 2023 - First call for papers

November 2023 – Mail Exhibit Prospectus

01 December 2023 - START Industrial Exhibition Registration

15 DecemberSTART On-line Conference Registration

6 February 2023 - START Paper Submission

February 2023 - Second call for papers

17 April 2023 - Paper Submission DEADLINE!

15 June 2023 – Paper confirmation

19 June 2023 – Early Registration DEADLINE!

8 July 2023 – Last News DEADLINE!

01 September 2023 - Late Registration DEADLINE!

11 September 2023 – Final Paper Submission to RADECS-2015 Proceeding and REDW Record

14-18 September 2023 – On-Site Registration

6 November 2023 – Final Paper Submission to IEEE TNS

STEP 1: In March 2012 the Russian request on holding RADECS-2015 Conference in Moscow won the competition.

STEP 2: In September 2012 RADECS-2015 Team actively participated in RADECS-2012 Conference in Biarritz, France and held an opinion poll on many items. The dilated presentation on RADECS-2015 in Moscow was shown on RADECS-2012.

STEP 3: The place where Moscow RADECS-2015 will be held is Izmailovo Hotel Complex.

STEP 4: RADECS-2015 Website started its operation in March 2013

STEP 5: Moscow User’s Manual was created and now you can download it on our website

STEP 6: We made a questionnaire for participants from all over the world to make RADECS better. Now you can complete the questionnaire! Fill a form

STEP 7: At the RADECS Steering Committee in March 2013 RADECS-2015 Chairman demonstrated the presentation on the preparations for RADECS-2015 in Moscow.

STEP 8: RADECS Steering committee was held in Moscow (September 2013). We had very intense technical and interesting sightseeing program.

STEP 9: In September 2013 on RADECS-2013 in Oxford, we appeared with updated RADECS-2015 presentation. RADECS-2015 had a stand with useful information and questionnaires to make RADECS-2015 better. You can also fill the questionnaire on our website

STEP 10: SERESSA-2013 was held in Moscow, Russia, on October 28-31, 2013 with the support of Roscosmos, JSC ISDE, NRNU MEPhI, SPELS, JINR, IMS, TIMA and RADECS Association. There were more than 100 participants, and all of them enjoyed this event.

STEP 11: We participated in the RADECS Steering Committee meeting 31st March –01st April 2023 in Biarritz and did our presentation. So we can tell you exactly, that RADECS-2015 is going to be in Moscow.

STEP 12: We took part in the NSREC 2023 together with the RADECS-2014 which was held in Paris, France 14-18 July, 2023

STEP 13: The RADECS-2015 Industrial Exhibition Registration is started on December 1, 2023

STEP 14: The RADECS-2015 On-line Conference Registration is started on December 15, 2023

It’s the first time when Russia is holding RADECS Conference, but we believe that we can make our Moscow RADECS Conference very special.
We would like you to feel the famous Russian hospitality.
We are glad to show you one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
We are aspiring to make RADECS-2015 really interesting and uncommon.


Moscow RADECS conference features

  • Short Course – typical areas, covering particular practical aspects used in the Russian space industry.
  • Oral and Poster session – typical sections additionally representing the scientific and technical achievements of Russian space technology developers.
  • Industrial Exhibition – exhibitors number increasing owing to the Russian research centers and developers of electronic components and devices for space applications.

Experience the hospitality and «Russian style magic» at our Gala dinner, Exhibitors’ Reseption and other social events.

We guarantee friendly atmosphere and environment stimulating the participants intellectual creativity development.

See you in Moscow!


Please, fill the questionnaire. It will help us to make RADECS-2015 better.
Thank you :)

Personal information:

total number of respondents: 3503
Please, specify the aim of your visiting the conference:

Short Course. What special areas, in addition to standard ones would you prefer?

The conference. What special areas, in addition to standard ones would you prefer?

What invited talks would you prefer?

Russian technologies in science and technical program. What would you like to see?

Scientific and technical tourism. What place would you prefer to visit?

Cultural program. Where would you like to go?

Do you have any requests concerning next conferences organization?

What topics should be expanded at the conference? In your opinion, what sections should be added?
What topics should be expanded on the website? In your opinion, what sections should be added?