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Instructions for Oral Presentation at RADECS 2015

This document is intended to support you in preparing your oral presentation for the RADECS 2015 conference. Three important points to consider are:

  1. Your visual presentation should reflect your research by explaining the key points to the audience. The audience will appreciate the results of your research only if your presentation is well planned and the presentation material is readable and clear.
  2. Your talk should fit within a 12-minute slot. Typically, the audience will need at least one minute to absorb each technical slide.
  3. Keep in mind that the audience can only remember one or two strong points from your talk.
  4. At the end of your talk, there will be a 2-3 minutes slot for questions from the audience, handled by one of your Session Chairs. Be prepared to answer!

Presentation software and hardware

The conference will use Microsoft Office PowerPoint on a Windows based PC.

You will NOT be permitted to use your own laptop for the presentation.

All presentations will be transferred to a conference computer via USB. To avoid problems with PowerPoint compatibility, please save the following to your USB version:

All font and symbol sets you are using (the fonts can be revealed using (File/Properties/Contents).

You are required to use horizontal (landscape) slide format only.

Macintosh users: please convert your file to PC format before you leave for the conference. Be aware that Mac-to-PC conversions can lead to unexpected results, especially with fonts, certain formats of embedded graphics, and special characters (ASCII characters 128 to 255). There will be no support for Mac-to-PC conversions at the conference.

Hard-Copy of your presentation

As a backup, you are required to bring a hard (paper) copy of your presentation with you to the conference. The presentation should be printed directly from your PowerPoint slides, in landscape orientation and rendered in full colour. Should your digital presentation prove incompatible, a scanned copy of your presentation will be displayed.

Requirements at the conference

  • All oral presenters are required to meet with the conference AV specialist the day before their presentation. The specific room (preview room) location will be promulgated at the RADECS 2015 conference.
  • The conference AV technician will require adequate time to ensure your presentation is uploaded to the projection system. Under no circumstances will you be able to edit or modify your presentation once your file has been put onto the master session disk.
  • You must also meet with your session chair prior to the session. These meetings will normally be held in front of the stage, in order for you to get familiar with the conference presentation tools (pointer, countdown clock, slide advance and back buttons).


You are required to:

  • Bring your presentation as a PowerPoint file.
  • Bring a paper hard copy as backup.
  • Meet with Conference AV specialist, and your session chair, prior to your session.

Slide requirements

Font: Arial.

Size: minimum 16 point characters (24 point is a widely accepted standard).

Presentation preparation

Preparation of slides for an oral presentation to a large audience requires careful planning. Usually not less than 30 seconds or more than 2 minutes should be spent on any single slide. If a slide takes more than 2 minutes to discuss, then it should be divided into two or more slides. In general you should have a minimum of 10 slides and a maximum of 18. Too many slides make it likely that you will reach the end of your allotted presentation time before you have completed your presentation.

Based on previous conference experience, we recommend that you use the Arial font set with a minimum size of 16-point (24-point preferred) using bold with no italics. This includes the fonts in graphs, pictures or figures. In these cases, also avoid excessive detail that will be lost when displayed in a vast room. Also, when you preview your presentation on your computer, if you cannot perceive lines or other fine detail on your monitor, they won't be perceptible at the conference either. You are required to use horizontal (landscape) slide format because of the aspect ratio of the projection screen. Some other helpful hints regarding slide preparation:

  • Use no more than 10 lines of text per verbal slide, otherwise information may go unappreciated. Note that the bottom of your slides may not be in line of sight of the entire audience.
  • Low contrast slides with dark backgrounds are difficult to read in a large room. "High contrast" is the important term to remember. A pointer system will be available for use during your presentation. Bear this in mind in choosing your background colours to avoid camouflaging the indicator.
  • Special attention should be paid to line widths and colours in embedded graphs and figures for legibility during display. Ones that look fine on paper may not be optimal for viewing via projection. Note also that these graphs or figures must be embedded in the presentation and not linked to files elsewhere.
  • Number your slides to facilitate the repeated display of a previous slide.


A preview computer system, identical in software and hardware to the one used for projecting your presentation, will be available in a presentation preview room. This room will be open most of the time during the conference sessions and breaks. You can use this room at any time before your session. Our AV specialist will be available at specified times to assist you with your presentation. For security, this room will be locked when not in use. Since this facility will be shared between 50 presenters, its use is limited and it will not be available for last-minute editing of your presentation. Please bring your own laptop if you anticipate modifying your presentation at the conference.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact technical chairs or your session chairs.