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RADECS 2015 Poster and Data Workshop Presentation

Please read carefully the Poster Background section, some important information is provided regarding the choice of background and print.

Poster size and mounting instructions

  • Each author will have a usable area that is 234 cm height x 95 cm width in vertical format, large enough to mount poster material in A0 format.
  • Material can be mounted with single side adhesive tape only; please do NOT use drawing pins or thumbtack.

Poster layout

  • The title should be displayed at the top of the mounting board and If possible, please include photographs of the principal presenter and co-authors near the top of the poster. This allows the audience to recognize the authors of the poster papers.
  • A short abstract (35-50 words) with lettering readable should be prominently displayed near the top of the board, beneath the title.
  • The body of the poster paper should consist of several small sections, arranged to guide the viewer through an introduction, results, and finally conclusions and references.
  • The poster should be self-guiding because many conference attendees will read your poster at times other than the normal session.
  • Limit posters to significant data, details, graphs, and key experimental results that help to explain the most important points of your work. Don’t try to get everything in the written paper on the poster, just the main points. Photographs can also be effective, but should be large enough to be easily viewed and address key points.
  • Under NO circumstances should you simply put your typewritten paper on the poster board. Hand-written pages are similarly UNACCEPTABLE.

Poster background

  • This is extremely important: to make best use of the available lighting, authors are strongly encouraged to use very light (white preferred) backgrounds with dark print.

Lettering size and color

  • Pay close attention to letter, symbol, and figure size to ensure legibility.
  • Poster title should use letters large enough to be legible.
  • All text must be clearly readable from a distance of 1.5 - 2 m, as clusters of people will surround the poster boards during the session. Use nothing smaller than 14-point bold lettering. It is better to use 18 to 24 point letters for your main text.
  • Use of color to organize sections of the poster is very effective. Color graphs, and/or colored borders around black and white figures can be especially effective in making your poster easy to read. You need to be creative and present only clear, readable data tables and graphs.

Again remember that it is best to use a light (or white) background!

Miscellaneous information

  • Some authors have found that it helps to attach a single bound copy of their complete paper to the poster for reference. If you do this, be sure to use a strong cord and attach it firmly to the poster to prevent loss.
  • You are responsible for securing any clearances needed for both the presentation and the complete paper from the appropriate authority, sponsoring agency or company. Clearance should be consistent with presentation and publication at an unrestricted international forum and must be obtained prior to the conference.

Posters should be assembled by Tuesday afternoon (September 15th, 2015).

Poster teardown by noon on Friday (September 18th, 2015).

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact technical chairs or your session chairs.